In practice work of a designer is aimed at creating human environment being beautiful, comfortable and modern. Any design discipline supposes knowing and following many rules and conditions for creating a worthy object either an interior, a logo or an industrial product.

Interior design is the art of creating an elegant and cosy atmosphere at home. Modern or classic working desk. Bright or calm object for relaxation or entertainment.

Object design is creating certain objects around a human being functional, looking good and, for sure, easy in use.

Graphic design is the creation of a unique graphic solution to grasp attention required for solving of a definite task. For example, your logo or corporate style should stand out among others by original graphics and colour selection. Definitely, your advertisment poster should attract attention to goods and services which you are offering.

Visual advertising is the means of communication between your company with the world around. Your company’s logo on, let us say, a building should both attract attention and be organic with the surrounding architecture.